Boy Meets World Top 10…

March 13, 2009

Top Ten Boy Meets World Moments…

10… frankie reveals his soft side for the first time by reciting a poem…

9… the intro

8… mr. matthews wakes cory up to watch curt schilling throw a no-hitter… i look at this moment as a symbol of how i want to handle my future parenting…

7… eric mathews signs on for part-time modeling … only to find out that he is the mascot for mall food…

6… topanga!

5… shawn and minkus switch roles for a homework assignment and both learn valuable life lessons from the others perspective…

4… eric hides in the bakery case while stalking topanga

3… anytime eric says “feen-ay!”…

2… frankie reveals his dad to be the WWE (WWF at the time) wrestler “Vader“…

1… when there’s a crime out there… he’ll be combin’ his hair


One Response to “Boy Meets World Top 10…”

  1. Anonymous said

    the one time where cory and topanga were in a closet together and the rumor started they had s-e-x

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