a-rod took steroids… manny’s agent is greedy… and TO’s gone from a cowboy to a bill…

March 9, 2009

this time of the college basketball season is always built up to be so magical… the big dance is just around the corner and every team has the hope of winning a few games and getting an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament… so all the analysts and announcers go crazy making every game into the biggest match-up of the century… but really what do these games mean?…

like today there was the match-up between northern iowa and illinois state… and the entire time the announcers kept playing it up like the team that won was gonna change the tournament… but lets be honest… this match-up has the impact and entertainment value of a week 2 seahawks/49ers match-up… whichever team wins is just gonna get crushed by a powerhouse in the first round and everybody will watch and nobody will care… but hey who am i to take the excitement out of their opening round game in the NCAA tournament?… where they still believe they have a chance to win until the number 11 team in the big east goes up by 15 in the first 3 minutes…

so for the next week and a half or so i’ll have to tune out while every “expert” on espn tries to convince me that tonights match-up between kent and akron is the celtics/lakers reincarnated… no sir… al fisher is not magic johnson…


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