psyched out like dule hill…

March 2, 2009

this weekend (as i do every weekend) i spent a little bit of time catching up on the tv shows that i am hopelessly addicted to thanks to the magic of the internet… namely hulu… and i usually just kind of zone out as i go through the usual routine… but this week’s episode of psych got me… the plot itself was a little over the top for psych but there were points in which i found myself thinking that maybe i actually like this show for more than the well written humor of the main charater and of course the great comedic stylings of dule hill… i think i have become attached to the characters… which would normally be insignificant but recent events have affected that… you see… while playing the action packed video game “worms” it was brought to my attention that i become emotionally invested in all of my worm soldiers and strategize accordingly… so now i am forced to look at myself and ask questions such as: do i become emotionally attached too easily?… how does this affect my life?… has my affection for the worm soldier “fluff” become too serious?… could this tendency to become attached explain why i enjoy the NBA so much more than the NFL or MLB?… and would i enjoy tv or movies quite so much if it weren’t for this?… anyways… maybe this odd behavior is a curse… maybe it’s a blessing… either way i must now live my life with caution due to the fact that i could become emotionally attached to anyone or anything at any moment…


3 Responses to “psyched out like dule hill…”

  1. chrisgalek said

    “fluff” was a good worm. It was unfortunate that he got fire punched off a cliff…but he died so the rest of your worms may live.

  2. ntrav said

    fluff is always the hero of the team… while others may accidentally fall off cliffs or jump into the blast radius of their own dynamite… fluff always comes through…

  3. dburyane said

    Dule Dule Dule Dule Dule

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