how do you like them apples?…

March 2, 2009

so on this weeks episode of psych sean’s mom tells him not to cancel his date even though he had just spent his day chasing a serial killer and says that he must “go see about a girl”… this is an obvious reference to robin williams’ character’s famous line in good will hunting… but i know this is not only from that… the line in good will hunting is referencing something else and i can’t figure out what… now at the end of this episode of psych they were watching a WC Fields film… and i am inclined to say that this reference could be from one of his works… but who knows… can anyone offer any help?…


2 Responses to “how do you like them apples?…”

  1. chrisgalek said

    i have searched google for 5 minutes and it seems it is only a reference to good will hunting…

  2. ntrav said

    that is the same action i took and i still feel as though i’m missing something… but oh well… maybe they are only referencing good will hunting…

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